Joachim Svela

JOachim Svela_Round


I am an Architect  and Service Designer with great interest in technology – how it affects our perception of ourselves and the world around us.

In my work, I explore the complex relation between nature and culture, and how digital tools, approaches and systems oriented thinking can reveal imperceptible or unknown aspects of human nature and the environment we are building for ourselves.

My preferred way of working is research by design: I employ methodological research and develop my own computational tools to explore new solutions to complex problems.

I have a very diverse range of professional experience, skills and interests, and draw from all of them in my work: Analogue and digital design; art and scientific methodology, publication and production, programming and architecture, research and development.

I want to work in diversified groups of expertise: current global and micro-local challenges in both industry, architecture, culture and art cannot be understood nor resolved from any isolated angle of approach.

If you are seeking a creative, passionate and skilled collaborator, drop me an email!